Perhaps you've noticed that the posts in your Facebook timeline appear slightly off.

In fact, it turns out that Facebook is testing a new font for some desktop users. And if you're a typeface nerd, you'll likely recognize the new font as Geneva, a font developed at Apple in the early 1980s.

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For reference, here's the old font — Helvetica — next to Geneva:


Image: Facebook


Image: Facebook

So: What's the deal with Facebook's latest font?

To give a brief rundown of its history, we're taking it back Read More...

Instagram is officially giving its feed the Facebook treatment.

The photo app is finally rolling out its new algorithmic timeline, which orders your feed based on "what you care about" rather than chronology. The changes should appear "soon," though Instagram says it's already live for many users.

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The update will make Instagram feeds much more similar to Facebook's, with users seeing posts based on factors like popularity and other social signals, rather than strictly chronologically. The change, which Instagram ...