It used to be fun to see an online leak for an unreleased gadget like the next iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or new MacBook.

"Sh*t, a new shiny thing is coming!" we'd think to ourselves, eyes-bulging, mouth agape, looking and looking and looking at the one blurry image of what could be the next big thing in tech.

But this jaded feeling has been brewing up inside of me for quite some time. I've been chasing tech and gadget rumors for almost six years now and the fire's starting to die out just a little.

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It's time to stop freaking out about your Instagram feed.

Yes, Instagram has started rolling out its new algorithmic-based feed, which may make posts appear "out of order." Yes, it's a big change and yes, people are freaking out about it.

But they shouldn't. Complaining on social media about an Instagram update is about as pointless as expecting your iPhone battery to last all day.

Losing it

As with any big change to Instagram (or Facebook or Snapchat or Twitter), the new Instagram feed was barely a few minutes' old before a wave of white hot social media rage flooded the Internet.

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Fact: The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a sexy phone.

New fact: The Batman-themed Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition is even sexier. The bundle includes a special S7 Edge with Batman logo and gold trims, all-black Gear VR headset, an armored Batman case, earbuds and a gold batarang.

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Though the Injustice Edition bundle isn't available in the U.S. (only China, Korea, Singapore, Russia and Latin America currently), Mashable got to check the set out and unbox all the Batman Read More...

Tony Fadell is leaving Nest. The former Apple executive, who co-founded the company in 2010, announced his departure on the Nest blog. Fadell will continue to serve in an advisory role to Alphabet CEO Larry Page. Marwan Fawaz, a former executive vice president at Motorola Mobility, is joining Nest as its new CEO.

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In a statement, Larry Page said:

In the Nest blog, as well as in an interview with ...