An Uber driver has been removed from the rideshare service after he was recorded hurling homophobic comments at an Australian couple on Saturday.

Lucy Thomas, the CEO of anti-bullying organisation PROJECT ROCKIT, was in an Uber in Melbourne with her girlfriend, Chelsea Lang, when their driver started calling them "faggots" after he realised they were in a relationship.

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"We'd been out for dinner with friends and jumped in an Uber," she told Mashable Australia. They tried to make small talk and told him they were going to be Read More...

By October, Meow-Ludo Meow Meow hopes to leave his wallet at home — maybe forever.

The near field communication (NFC) chip he has implanted in the back of his thumb could soon let him make contactless payments and potentially catch public transport.

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Meow (he had his named changed years ago) is part of a movement of people who are blending their bodies with technology, or biohackers. In fact, the NFC chip is only one part of his dedication to living through experimentation and science. The founder of ...