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Project Evaluation Services

After receiving funding or an expanded budget, the last thing your startup or business wants to experience is expensive bottlenecks with your web development, software programming or mobile app product.  

Yume Consults is your go-to tech partner. We provide evaluation services to get your web, API or mobile app project on the right track. For a smaller investment upfront, we do the foundation work by helping you determine if your new product idea or project strategy is viable.  We’ll tailor services for your needs, such as providing a product roadmap, research and development, project schedule, full execution and technical project management.

Questions? Go to our FAQ to learn more.

*Typical timeframe for Evaluations + Diagnostics takes 14 business days to deliver solutions. If a product or project is more complex, we’ll communicate additional factors that may impact the timeline ASAP.

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Project Diagnostic Services

Yume Consults helps reduce financial risks. How do we accomplish this? Our industry leading diagnostics process identifies potential risks for product launches in web, software and mobile app development. We offer customized ‘Recommendations and Solutions’ that include:

⇒ Boost market-ability, ensure your product ideas are viable so your business can pitch to potential investors and buyers

⇒ Develop supporting project and product documentation (web, mobile app, and API tech analysis)

⇒ Improve Return on Investment (ROI), Identify unnecessary spending

⇒ Provide technical project / Agile or SDLC management and full execution (optional)

⇒ Recruit and manage technical and design teams – Expert Virtual Project Management

⇒ Resolve missed delivery dates and communication problems (Offshore or U.S. domestic)

⇒ Roadmap planning, identify ways to reduce workflow bottlenecks

⇒ Technology Research and Development (R&D)

⇒ User stories, UX storyboarding, wireframes, prototypes


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Execution Excellence: Beyond Product Implementation

Once we’ve completed our Evaluation + Diagnostics, we’ll deliver recommendations, so your business will be well-equipped with the tech blueprints to develop a minimum viable product or prototype.

We’re pretty confident that you’ll love our quality-driven, boutique service and attention to detail when delivering your investment. You can opt to retain Yume Consults to manage your project to full execution or use the info we deliver to shop around.

Our tech-savvy and experienced team of web, API, mobile app developers and UX designers are poised to help your company launch your next successful digital project!

*Technical project management or execution will require a new project bid. Yume Consults offers serious competitive discounts to clients who’ve hired us for our Evaluation + Diagnostics consultancy.


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Virtual Project Management for Distributed Teams

We have a track record of building teams. We understand this is a global tech market, where the best or most cost-effective talent and resources are not always co-located. While sometimes it may help lower costs to outsource, the investment of time is typically much higher in terms of time management. Since time is money, we partner with your business to work behind the scenes to ensure the right mix of skills, connect the dots across various teams, and ensure communication flows easily — While your business focuses on what it does best. It’s a win-win.


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